Featured Artist – Hillary Werth

<pHillary MericaGrowing up in a family of professional athletes and training for the 2014 Sochi Olympics taught me the comfort of waking up each morning knowing the order of events that will pan out – a daily routine of training, structure and gearing towards a goal. Then a head injury ended my bobsled career and suddenly there was no more routine. Until I was forced to break out of that routine, I could not break out the real me: the artist. My creations are the result of emotions that pour out, seeking composition and balance; A blunt reflection of the layers of who I am and what I ultimately strive for in life.

Each mark on my panels consists of vibrant colors from acrylics to spray paints. Every stroke transcends from personal experiences and endeavors, ultimately allowing me to achieve balance, composition, and pattern. It is through participating in and breaking out of this routine that I am able to create and satisfy my need for comfort and repetition. Achieving success isn’t the goal, the process is. And through that process we grow from experience.


Werth Earth
Werth bat
Hillary Werth Sculpture
Werth Vandalism 2

Hillary For a more in depth look at Hillary’s ever changing, beautiful work, please check out her website at www.hillarywerthart.com